small group of white lives matter supporters surrounded by anti protestors

Videos I have shot

This is footage I shot at the capital in Austin ten days after the election of President Trump. The White Lives Matter group were protesting hate crime laws, but the counter protesters outnumbered them tremendously. There were plenty of Antifa members in attendance as well, but this was before they became a household name. It was mostly uneventful, with a few arrest of counter protesters when the WLM group began their march around the capital.

This was a class project for Visual Storytelling. My partner and I shot the footage and edited it together. The video showcases the Outdoor Recreation Center in San Marcos,TX. The Outdoor Center is in Sewell Park and serves the community by renting out tubes and other equipment. This was my first time using professional equipment as well as my first editing job in Adobe.

This is my short video of Cardi B from SXSW 2017, before she was a household name. I was a little too close to the speakers to get good sound and I am not one to hold my phone up for long in a crowded concert, so it is short. Still it is a little peak at the work that artists put in before they "hit it big".